NAtional Geographic & 60 Minutes

National Geographic & 60 Minutes


In the world of journalism and documentary filmmaking, the names “National Geographic” and “CBS-60 Minutes” stand as giants.

Known for their unwavering commitment to bringing captivating stories to life, these two iconic institutions often collaborate with experts in various fields. When the quest for content on the enthralling world of polo and the majestic realm of horses arose, they turned to a lesser-known but equally dedicated team.

A Unique Partnership

CBS-60 Minutes and National Geographic recognized the need for a fresh perspective on their upcoming projects, and their journey led them to a unique partnership. It wasn’t a major studio or a renowned director that caught their attention, but a team with an undying passion for the art of storytelling and a penchant for capturing the essence of their subjects.

A Dream UnfoldsNational Geographic 60 Minutes

The assignment was clear: to create compelling content that would do justice to the elegance of polo and the beauty of horses. What followed was a remarkable journey of collaboration and determination.

The Challenge of Aerial Cinematography in Argentina

Filming in Argentina presented a unique set of challenges. Political considerations made aerial cinematography a complex endeavor. However, the team was undeterred. With persistence and a commitment to the project, they navigated the bureaucratic maze, acquiring the necessary insurance and licenses to operate drones for breathtaking aerial cinematography in the heart of Argentina.

The Argentine Connection

For two months, the team embarked on an adventure through the picturesque landscapes of Argentina, capturing the spirit of polo and the grace of horses. Their director, a visionary in the world of filmmaking, worked tirelessly to ensure that every frame told a story, not just of the subjects but also of the land itself.

Crafting thePolo and horses documentary

The raw footage captured during those two months held immense potential, but the real magic happened during the editing process. Every scene was meticulously pieced together to create a narrative that would resonate with viewers. The result was more than just a documentary; it was a work of art.

The Global Stage

The culmination of this arduous yet rewarding journey was the presentation of the final piece on both 60 Minutes and National Geographic outlets.

The collaborative effort had paid off in the most spectacular way possible, as audiences across the world were treated to a mesmerizing portrayal of the world of polo and the enchanting realm of horses.

A Testament to Dedication

The story of this collaboration with Running Iron Creative serves as a testament to the power of dedication and the rewards of persistence. While National Geographic and 60 Minutes are synonymous with top-notch content, this project highlights the importance of embracing fresh perspectives and partnering with individuals who share a profound passion for their craft.


In a world where partnerships between major media giants and lesser-known talents are not just about business but about storytelling, this collaboration shines as a beacon of creativity and determination. It’s a reminder that incredible stories can emerge from unexpected places.

The tale of CBS-60 Minutes, National Geographic, and a team of dedicated filmmakers is a celebration of the enduring allure of polo and the timeless beauty of horses. It’s a story of overcoming challenges and turning dreams into reality.

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