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Launching a new brand and need a full creative package? No problem. Need a TV commercial for a new product or service? No problem. Need a new website? No problem. See below for more info about our wide range of services!

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Longwood Arenas operates in an niche sector of the equestrian world.

RIC helped the team at Longwood completely rebrand the company. We helped develop new brand standards and guidelines along with a refreshed logo. From there, RIC built a new website to capture new and current customers.

The website also serves as an information hub about the arena building process. We concepted and produced a number of video content packages for use on web and social, and implemented a complete social media strategy. RIC currently manages the Longwood Arenas social media ads and PPC campaigns. When it came time for execution, the RIC team shot 12 months of commercial content and social media content in one week.


Services implemented:

  • Brand assessment and guidelines
  • Multi-year social media planning, execution and management
  • Website design and build
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Content creation
  • Full production – Concept creation, pre-production, production, post-production
  • Brand story and testimonials
  • Social media content (based on prepared annual plan)
  • Online distribution
  • Advertising placement
  • Logo Design
  • Content management
  • DAM (digital asset management) software for on demand content retrieval and easy search ability via tag and AI structures
  • Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google PPC (pay per click)
  • Graphic design

A Focused PLan?

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Hawaii Polo Life came to us in need of new content surrounding a rebrand of the fashion company. We worked in tandem with their management and design team over the course of four months to create a year’s worth of content for use on their website and social media. Our team managed a full array of services to execute this project on location in Oahu, Hawaii. We love working with existing teams in order to elevate the finished project.

The Hawaii Polo Life rebrand was invited to New York Fashion Week six months after their relaunch. Although they had to turn down the offer, this was a huge success.

Services implemented:

  • Brand refresh with new guidelines
  • New website wireframe
  • Content creation
  • Full production – Concept creation, pre production, production, management, post production
  • Brand story video
  • Social media content (based on prepared annual plan shot in horiz/vert))
  • Video for web use
  • Location services (scouting, contracting, permitting)
  • Content management
  • DAM (Digital Asset Management) software for on demand content retrieval and easy searchability via tag and AI structures


Do you have a specialized project?

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Audi North America came to us in need of a fresh, turn-key video solution for two commercials to debut the Audi e-tron GT. We shot and delivered the final products in one week in order to meet the clients needs for ad placements and social media.

Running Iron worked with Audi North America to concept and produce commercials that showcased the quiet confidence of their new all electric “sports car” alongside polo horses at various locations around Greenwich, CT.
The project was fast tracked to hit client deadlines and delivered in 60 days from the first phone call. The final products, “Embodiment” and “Parallels”, can be see here along with some behind the scenes footage from the production.

Services implemented:

  • Concept development (How do we weave horses and an electric car into a story?)
  • Location services (scouting, contracting, permitting)
  • Full production – pre production, production, post production

Services implemented:

  •  Concept development (How do we weave horses and an electric car into a story?)
  • Location services (scouting, contracting, permitting)
  • Full production – pre production, production, post production


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YES! Product photography is always fun for us. We love thinking about new ways to look at products and deliver some pretty cool shots. It’s all about out of the box thinking, right?

Depends. With video projects, every one moves at its own speed and requires different attention. We move fast when we need to though. Sometimes projects pop up and you need a team on-the-ground halfway around the world in a moments notice…and sometimes we plan for a year. We always do what we can to meet a clients deadline, regardless of the circumstances. For reference, check out the pieces we produced for Audi. Those two pieces were shot and delivered in back to back weeks.

Let’s talk through it. Depends on how old your site is and what the “look” is…and a number of other things! (lets chat)